The plight of the powerless is to consistently rely on the goodwill of those in power. The first step in building true self-determined power is to come to terms with the fact that we are beggars at someone elses table. We must first admit that our collective well-being and pain is reliant on someone else's political, strategic disposition and will. Be clear, I am not proposing to have every answer worked out, that is left to the people to determine based on their particular political circumstances. What I am clear on is that our relationship with the American predatory state is very much like that of a vicious, cunningly-munipulative abuser. We have suffered the most horrific traumatic violence imaginable at the hands of this state, but then they change faces and say, "that was the old me..I have changed, I promise I will never hurt you again."

Now when those that truly care about your well-being step up and say "leave" or give advice to get away, the abused often shut out these loved ones. At times, they will even DEFEND the abuser.

It is essential for the abuser to convince the abused that they have no worth other than that assigned by the abuser; no power to impact there own lives. This is the nature of our relationship with the American predatory state. They kick us in the teeth (Smash & Grab), AND pick us dust us off, say sorry, and promise to never do it again (Smooth & Soothe).

Because our esteem has been destroyed, we have no concept of self-determined, strategic engagement. In an attempt to defend integration and capitulation strategies, the question that is often posed is: "If begging, aggressive, or otherwise is not the answer what is?" So let me answer with this:

  1. We must collectively acknowledge that the only solution to dealing with a predatory force is self-determined, strategic engagement.

  2. We must stop asking for cookie cutter solutions from individuals, organizations, or state agencies. (This is one of the ramifications of generations of conditioning that tells us we are powerless.)

  3. We must understand that this system is unreformable. It only shuffles its predatory practices and policies. Based on this reality, we must shift our frame from reform to relief, understanding that the best possible outcome we can expect when dealing with predatory systems is temporary relief.

In our effort to create survival systems pending self-determination, 

  1. We must operate from the premise that any concession given is a temporary retreat. It will ultimately be followed by an all-out assault to take back what was given, and then some.

  2. We must shift our perspective and look at every engagement with predatory, white supremacist systems as an opportunity for extraction. In other words, we can use existing structures as resource depots to be excavated in service of independent movements. This must not be a rhetorical position taken in order to conceal intergration strategies. It must be held to the concrete criteria of maximum people's benefit & minimum predatory impact.

  3. We must devise tactics and strategies that are built on the premise that we must get free, not be set free, that we are seeking power not appeasement.


Morehouse College President: We Got Played

There is an old African proverb that has been passed down from the ancestors through generations of black people that goes like this: “Never trust anyone who lets people put their feet on the couch.”


Posted on March 3, 2017 .

Open Letter to Libby Schaaf from a Homeless Oakland Family


Dear Mayor Libby Schaaf, 

Like thousands of other families in Oakland, we are sick and tired of being homeless. Everywhere we go, it’s barriers. Everyone has a different story of how they became homeless, but every homeless person has experienced the things we’ve experienced:

  • Discrimination — because we have evictions on our record, because we’re Black, because we have too many children, etc.
  • Inadequate protection from bad landlords — slumlords have us living in unlivable, unhealthy conditions, landlords raise rents and evict tenants illegally, and the City doesn’t do enough to enforce tenant protections.
  • Nowhere to turn for help — overcrowded shelters, shelters that turn us away unless we’re fleeing domestic violence or recovering from substance abuse, housing programs with 5 year long waiting lists, service providers who make promises and then don’t follow through, having to tell our stories over and over and over again just to hear another person say, “I’ll pray for you,” desperately posting our youcaring page on Facebook hoping someone will donate. 
  • Constant fear & threats to safety — sherrifs showing up to evict us with shotguns drawn, police threatening to arrest us in front of our children for sleeping in a parked car, people breaking into our car to steal the few possessions we have left.

We are the end of our rope. We can’t live like this.

We shouldn’t have to. 

Our children deserve better.

Mayor Libby Schaaf, you need to start prioritizing our needs over the interests of people who are profiting from our suffering:

  • We need immediate emergency relief for all homeless families in Oakland. No child under the age of 18 should be without shelter on your watch.
  • Protect Oakland Renters. Prevent other people from going through the hell we’ve been going through for the past two years. Put the #ProtectOaklandRenters initiative on the 2016 ballot immediately, and extend the moratorium on no-fault evictions & rent increases until permanent tenant protections are passed, funded, implemented, and enforced.
  • Redistribute at least 25% of OPD’s budget to fund programs and services to prevent and address displacement, poverty and violence in our city. You campaigned on the idea of “a holistic approach to public safety.” How can you justify spending over 60% of Oakland’s general fund (we may be homeless, but we pay taxes too) to pay cops to stalk our families by night (when they’re not out committing statutory rape, breaking into people’s houses and God knows what else!)? We need a place for our babies to sleep. The police can’t help us with that. We need food and healthcare for our children. The police can’t help us with that. We need jobs that pay enough for us to be able to afford the cost of living in Oakland. The police can’t help us with that, and we are not safe. Holistic public safety means applying for the youth jobs grant on time and using public land for public good. 

Today at noon, we are moving into Oakland City Hall. We’re bringing an inflatable mattress, bedding, and our four children. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We have nowhere else to go. If you don’t want us at City Hall, give us a safe place to stay. Your house looks like it might have a few extra rooms in it. 

We invite all long-time Oaklanders (especially families with children) who have been experiencing homelessness to join us today. If you’re hungry, come to City Hall. We have organized meals to be served for all who show up. We ask for all people of conscience to come out and support our family and all the homeless families in Oakland. 

Thank you for standing with us. #StopStayExpand

The Beal Family 

If you want to support our family, but can't come to City Hall today, please donate to our housing/survival fund. 

Posted on June 30, 2016 .


CRC Strategic Criteria for Choosing Demands and Campaigns


With infinite struggles challenging our communities it is important to be critical about where to focus finite energy. CRC utilizes the following criteria to analyze demands and campaigns to determine the most strategic fights.

  1. Does this demand/campaign create opportunities to build new strategic alliances with outside groups who have begun the work?

  2. Does this demand/campaign have the ability to unite masses of people in the given area of presentation?

  3. Does this demand/campaign challenge the dominant ways of thinking that justify/reinforce injustice and exploitation in our society?

  4. Does this demand/campaign help build new institutions or forms of organization that have long-term potential?

  5. If won, would this demand/campaign redistribute power and/or resources to disenfranchised people in Oakland?

  6. Is this campaign/demand win-able?

  7. Does this demand/campaign escalate our challenge to the dominant power structure?


Should we work with our allies to: "Establish Urban Land Trusts and build 10,000 affordable units including housing for very low income people, seniors, the formerly incarcerated, and the homeless?"

1.  Does this demand/campaign create opportunities to build new strategic alliances with outside groups who have begun the work?

This campaign could create opportunities to build new alliances between CRC, individuals, existing housing rights orgs and advocacy groups for homeless, seniors and formerly incarcerated people; groups we want to help realize self determination.

2.  Does this demand/campaign have the ability to unite masses of people in the given area of presentation?

Displacement is impacting large segments of the community and this campaign has the potential to unite masses of residents and activists in Oakland.

3.  Does this demand/campaign challenge the dominant ways of thinking that justify/reinforce injustice and exploitation in our society?

This campaign challenges the rampant speculation and prioritization of profit above human need. Creating an urban land trust would put land in the hands of the people of Oakland and out of corporate real estate hands.

4.  Does this demand/campaign help build new institutions or forms of organization that have long-term potential?

This campaign would build a new institution - the urban land trust itself, which would be sustainable, long-term, once established.

5.  Does this demand/campaign escalate our challenge to the dominant power structure?

Affordable housing a critical issue. Urban land trusts are an innovative solution that would be a long-term investment in affordable housing in our city and an investment in our community. Organizing the individuals most impacted by displacement and gentrification is an investment in people power and therefore a challenge to the dominant power structure.

6.  If won, would this demand/campaign redistribute power and/or resources to disenfranchised people in Oakland?

If won, this campaign would redistribute land/housing to homeless people, formerly incarcerated people, and low-income people in the city.

7.  Is this campaign/demand win-able?

More research is needed to answer this question.

  • What land is available?

  • How much would it cost?

  • Where would the money come from?


Posted on January 11, 2016 .



Last week, the Obama administration confirmed that Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) had begun raiding residential neighborhoods nationwide to find and arrest Central American immigrants without papers - spreading fear in Latino communities, splitting up immigrant families, and putting children with undocumented parents at risk.

CRC stands 100% in solidarity with our Central American brothers and sisters against all deportations of undocumented immigrants. We are particularly concerned about the long-term impacts of Xicanx/Latinx children and young people seeing their parents ripped away, left to fend for themselves in this country while their families are subjected to imprisonment, torture, sexual violence and death as a result of these raids. As a Black organization, we know that our struggle against the murder of our people by local law enforcement is deeply tied to the struggle against ICE raids and deportations, and we are committed to building a unified movement of Black and Brown people against all forms of state-sanctioned violence.

Statement from the Department of Homeland Security on Monday, January 4th, 2016:

"This past weekend, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) engaged in concerted, nationwide enforcement operations to take into custody and return at a greater rate adults who entered this country illegally with children. This should come as no surprise. We have said publicly for months that individuals who constitute enforcement priorities, including families and unaccompanied children, will be removed."

It is in the context of this official, public position of the Obama administration and multiple confirmed reports of ICE raids across the country (…/sf-advocates-hold-protest-agains…/ ) CRC Media Corps has reported multiple unconfirmed but coinciding reports of ICE raids in the Bay Area in the past week. While we did not yet have the infrastructure for a swift rumor-confirmation process, we erred on the side of caution to warn our Xicanx/Latinx brothers & sisters of possible ICE raids in specific locations.

Statement from CRC/POCC FM Tur-Ha Ak on Thursday, January 7th, 2016: If undercover agents were posted up somewhere ready to snatch me from my family, I would want to know, even if the info still needed some validation. Community alert systems don't always have the luxury of being perfect. Salute to everyone attempting to defend our communities despite limitations.

In response to the claims made in this artlce (…/…/social-media-immigration-raids-frenzy/), CRC rejects the idea that community activists are “driving a frenzy of false immigration rumors in the Bay Area.” The US Government is driving these fears with their concrete policy of targeting undocumented families with violence and deportation. All historical indicators show that, when the US government says publicly that it is going to track down undocumented people and deport them, they are 100% serious about actually following through on that threat. While the white corporate media has the luxury of waiting for officials  confirmation of reports of ICE activity, we know that vulnerable undocumented communities can’t afford to wait to prepare to defend themselves and their families from ICE. While we struggle to build the capacity to gather more accurate People’s Intelligence, we have noticed  a pattern: every time the Obama administration makes it a federal policy to round up immigrant families and deport them....ICE starts showing up in our neighborhoods rounding up immigrants and deporting them. Y'all wanna give the state the benefit of the doubt? Should we wait until they call us and let us know they’re on their way?

One of CRC’s primary objectives in our organizing is to create a culture of safety in disenfranchised communities. But how can we build the capacity of our communities to defend ourselves from state violence without creating an unnecessary culture of fear? We agree that better People’s Intelligence is needed in order to strike the right balance between preparation and fear. That is why CRC is proposing to the Latino leadership inside the Anti Police-Terror Project (which we are a co-founding member of) to build a new team of First Responders dedicated specifically to investigating and confirming reports of ICE activity. Over the past 18 months, APTP has developed and implemented a model for People’s Investigations regarding incidents of police terrorism and murder. We believe this model can be replicated and utilized in service of increasing immigrant communities’ capacity to defend undocumented families from ICE terrorism. We believe that developing this ICE First Responders team is a principled and strategic use of resources to build the unity and strength of the multi-national anti state-terror movement.

In the meantime, CRC will continue to keep our heads up and our eyes open for ICE activity. We believe that, in order for disenfranchised communities to survive the systematic, genocidal tendencies of the United States government, we need to engage the concrete realities of state violence. We cannot afford to close our eyes, hold our breath, and hope for the best. We know that the State that executed Black Bayview resident Mario Woods firing squad style in broad daylight in December of 2015 is the same State that will show up on our Central American neighbors’ doorsteps with the same military grade shotguns in 2016. Tragically, we know that no amount of “Know Your Rights” education can save us when we are staring down the barrel of those shotguns, empowered by the biggest and most well-funded and organized imperial empire in human history. Are these conditions unbearably terrifying? Absolutely. But these are the conditions we are living under. We will do everything we can to support the defense of our Central American brothers and sisters from this violence. Salute to everyone putting in work to keep our communities safe.

In Solidarity,

Community Ready Corps (CRC)…/…/social-media-immigration-raids-frenzy/

Posted on January 11, 2016 .


My brother Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. frequently states that “oppression is embarrassing”.
There are moments under white supremacy where the best and strongest of us, if we are being honest feel helpless, and deeply saddened. Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland & Mario Woods are some of those moments. 

I know all of my peoples, the warrior class, will say “Tur-Ha, I ain't never helpless. I'm gone hit them streets & fight till we win.” But if I’m being totally honest I would have to say there are moments when I feel totally helpless, weak, and unable - if only for a moment - to impact my situation.

When I listen to Mama Fannie Lou Hammer recount her torture in an Mississippi prison juxtaposed with the video of our sister Sandra Bland being torturously taken into captivity; or see graphic photos of our son Emmett Till’s bloated body juxtaposed with the visions of our baby Tamir Rice being left for 4 minutes to bleed to death on cold concrete, I feel,  if only for a moment: helpless.

When I watch our young brother, Mario Woods, pleading for mercy only to be executed in a cold-hearted exaggerated act of war, I, if only for a moment, feel helpless. When my 11 year old daughter, at the news of no indictment of Tamir Rice’s killer comes to the realization that “he was only a year older than me Baba” with the unspoken expression of “that could be me”, if only for a moment, I feel helpless. 

If only for a moment, I exist inside the helplessness (POWERLESSNESS) of our women, babies, & men; OUR PEOPLE. I feel how I can only imagine how they felt in those moments, right before they met death at the hands of the agents of this predatory machine. But that moment only serves to magnify the fire inside, the will to fight, the knowledge that there is no salvation or solutions to be found in this never has, & never will shit system.  Our only hope is to dig deep down inside & find the internal creativity, ingenuity and courage to pioneer new systems of living that rival the existing paradigm. A SELF DETERMINED EXISTENCE is the only way.-F.M. Tur-Ha Ak 

Posted on December 29, 2015 .


Preamble to intercommunal criticism:

In a serious attempt to address the needs of our communities in all 9 Areas of Self Determination (Economics, Politics, Education, Health, Family, Media, Art, Traditions & Ways & Self Defense) we must have a serious conversation about Self Defense as it relates to THE SECONDARY PREDATORS in our communities. This is a complicated endeavor and requires a few clarifications first.

  • The ideal engagement is PRIMARY PROTECTOR & PROVIDER

  • Types of predators: THE PRIMARY & SECONDARY

  • The PRIMARY PREDATOR is the White Power Structures , all it’s agencies & institutions that have actively, knowingly & systematically disenfranchised our communities. Disenfranchisement is achieved through the frequent use of every form of violence & criminal behavior attributed to the alleged "criminal" element and more.

  • The SECONDARY PREDATORS are those who have been created under systems of disenfranchisement. They engage life with methods they've been taught, through the experiences of oppression. The former prey, now turned predator, subjugates the community in order to survive, or to mimic the material successes of the primary predatory. When dealing with the SECONDARY PREDATOR, it is important to remember that they exist largely due to our lack of organizing power & capabilities.

With that said let’s address SECONDARY PREDATORY dynamics in the form of religious leaders. Let’s begin by defining religion:

re·li·gion (noun)

  • The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
    "Ideas about the relationship between science and religion"

  • a particular system of faith and worship.
    Plural noun: religions
    "The world's great religions"

  • a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.
    "Consumerism is the new religion"

We acknowledge that any ideological paradigm can be organized into or practiced in a religious manner (even political). We also acknowledge that this is an important part of any self-determined, self-perpetuated enfranchisement processes, but it has been a practice of white nationalism/supremacy (PRIMARY PREDATORY DYNAMIC) to use this cultural practice as a weapon of establishment of predatory state apparatuses. It has also been a practice of white nationalism/supremacy to replicate these processes among the dominated masses, and very often this is done through the use of members of the dominated, disenfranchised groups (SECONDARY PREDATORY DYNAMICS).

In our efforts to establish self-determined nations, spaces & systems of self-sustenance. We must establish concrete criteria on how to assess whether these religious systems & leaders operate in our best interest. We label this process LIBRATORY CENTRALISM. The criteria must embody at the minimum the following criteria:

  1. A concrete process of assessment of how much wealth & resources are extracted from & on behalf of the community vs how much wealth & resources are invested into the communities these religious & political organization aim/claim to serve.

  2. Transparency on the use of all funds, resources & labor extracted from & on behalf of the communities these religious & political organizations & leaders aim/claim to serve.

  3. That the bulk of the funds, resources. & labor extracted from & on behalf of the community be invested in the material progression of the communities the religious & political organizations & leaders aim/claim to serve...

  4. A rejection of abstract explanations of community benefit. A rejection secondary or residual benefits i.e., the word of God, righteous examples, etc. These explanations must be held up to the criteria of: material community investment over individual & organizational profit.  

  5. Effective accountability mechanism based on these standards.

Without an objective criteria & effective accountability mechanisms we will always be vulnerable to poverty predators who sell us salvation & saviors in exchange for your freedom & self-determination.  These poverty predators exist based on the law of supply & demand. Predatory apparatuses manufacture despair, hopelessness, & incapability. This leaves a very lucrative area of profitability, the commodification of hope, happiness & love. We must work to cultivate the aspiration for self-determination, self-sufficiency & the capabilities to attain these in our communities because there is no need to purchase services for needs already met.

Posted on December 28, 2015 .


Let's be clear R. Kelly and Bill Cosby ain't shit, but the fact is they ain't never been shit. I’m gone let that sink in for just a minute.  Now if they ain't never been shit who created and unleashed these wolves on our communities to begin with? Don't worry I'll wait (in my Kat Williams voice)………the same mainstream predatory media machine that is now condemning them. We must without fail persistently address the PRIMARY PREDATORY FACTORS as a preamble to any addressing of SECONDARY PREDATORY FACTORS.

The truth about R .Kelly & Bill Cosby is these are fabricated heroes to begin with created by an apparatus of a predatory state dynamic (corporate media) but the trick is most of us focus on the clown & not the ringmasters who control it all. If our focus is not on the PRIMARY PREDATOR  there methods & their pawns we will will remain in never ending cycle of redundancy. Without a clear understanding of these factors the same sleight of hand is worked on us century after century, for decades day in and day out. We will be the victims of the tactic of the rehashing of the same negro, new nuance, same premise, different presentation. Our focus should always be those who stole and  destroyed entire cultures & kidnapped, displaced and terrorized  whole nations of people from land masses while at the same time establishing institutions that keep unleashing these same don’t give a fuck ass n***as on our communities for centuries, and up to this very moment. This is the case with our entertainers, politicians, activists & social movements, if the mainstream media/press gives it life or endorses it you should always look for the hidden dagger, without exception. (It is worth noting here that it is a worthwhile tactic to co-opt these mainstream media apparatuses on occasion but those who do must be monitored in order to prevent the weaponization of your movements, organizations, or personalities in the service of white supremacist power structures). It is deathly problematic for a people to believe the same apparatuses that have preyed upon you for years will somehow, someday now be a source of liberation or health in any form shape or fashion. We keep looking to dynamics that have never, will never, and can never support our interest, to be of some assistance to us. The inevitable result is 50 years from now we will discover the knife they have been slowly driving into our backs and we we will have another round of protest, another round of angry militants but no new systems to replace the ones who keep fucking you day in & day out. We must establish self-determination in 9 areas

  • Politics

  • Economics

  • Family

  • Health

  • Education

  • Art

  • Media

  • Traditions & Ways

  • Self Defense

 It is a far easier proposition to challenge R. Kelly than to directly & consistenly challenge the masters of rape & predatory behaviour, it is a must we address the SECONDARY PREDATORS  but we must not reproduce the same dynamic that so many of us misunderstand & misinterpreted as black on black violence in our political arenas (very willing to kill each other but afraid to throw a rock at white supremacist power structures) We must address the PRIMARY & SECONDARY PREDATORY ELEMENTS, with the knowledge that containing the first will free the lane to contain the second, because we are clear that the PRIMARY PREDATORY FACTORS & DYNAMICS create, maintain & protects the SECONDARY PREDATORY FACTORS & DYNAMICS. - F.M. TurHa Ak ,C.R.C./P.O.C.C.

Posted on December 25, 2015 .

CRC Statement of Clarity on Community Engagement

CRC Statement of Clarity on Community Engagement

December 21st, 2015


CRC is an organization that combats white supremacy and actively builds & supports self determination in disenfranchised communities. We believe that in order to truly build self determination, our organization must actively build power wherever power is being expressed. One of the tactics we use towards this end is that we work to operate effectively in what we call “the 3 Arenas of Engagement:”

  1. the Reactive Arena (when the State attacks our people, we must respond)

  2. the Relief/Reform Arena (exploiting opportunities to win and implement reforms within the current system to provide material relief for disenfranchised people & increase our chances of survival)

  3. and the Revolutionary Arena (system change)

We want to be very clear that CRC, as an organization, seeks to abolish white supremacy and replace the white power structure with institutions that serve the needs of disenfranchised people. We recognize that the systems we live under are not “broken;” they are doing exactly what they are designed to do - to disenfranchise, destroy, and kill Black people and other oppressed communities.

However, we are not going to sit in our ivory intellectual towers, critiquing the people who we claim to “advocate for.” We will battle abstract Leftism forever. Our belief is that we need to consistently assess, analyze, and engage with our folks - the best theory in the world is nothing without everyday practice. We recognize that struggle is never pure, perfect, or without contradictions. While the playing field may not be ideal, we have to get in the game.

Engaging in the Reactive and Relief/Reform Arenas requires the practice of Point of Unity Organizing - building principled coalitions around common goals/points of unity. This requires us to find principled and effective ways of working with folks who don’t necessarily share our radical politics. We are fully committed to meeting people where they are - at the points of unity we can already agree on (“Stop killing us!”). Through the process of deep engagement, solidarity and struggle,  we work to progress the political understanding and concrete capabilities of our communities so that we can build real self determination. While we may have our own organizational objectives, we recognize that we must consistently submit ourselves to the people. Our own political vision and strategy is constantly being impacted, informed and adjusted by the needs of the people. At the same time, we are aware for the need for strong, radical Black leadership in our communities. We don’t apologize for attempting to establish this leadership within our own community because we recognize that the current leadership consists primarily of representatives of the white power structure, folks who don’t have the intentions or the capabilities to lead the people to a place where self determination can become real. We strive to serve, defend, and win the hearts and minds of our people through our work.

The struggle for (a measure of) justice for Mario Woods is fundamentally a Reactive Arena struggle - it is a defensive, response-based engagement. The State murdered our brother Mario, and we have a duty to respond. The central demand of Justice for Mario Woods (and the broader national movement against police terrorism) is simple:  “STOP KILLING US.” This is not something that Black people should have to struggle for - to simply live, without fear of being gunned down in the street by police - but here we are. When they ask us “What do you want?” when we protest, when we shut it down, when we engage in civil and less-civil acts of disobedience, “STOP KILLING US” is the central demand of this reactive struggle.

While we are in full support of the Justice for Mario Woods list of community demands,, we want to highlight what we call the “Transformational Nature of White Supremacy:” the phenomenon in which the white power structure will adjust, adapt and even progress with our every move, and with every concession we win. For example, the abolition of slavery was a concession from the white power structure, which then adjusted and adapted to create other systems of domination, from share-cropping to Jim Crow to the prison-industrial complex - an apparatus that legalized forced labor & captivity as “punishment for a crime,” successfully obfuscating the role of white supremacy in that system and creating a “color-blind,” “fair” system that is just as effective at killing Black people, destroying Black communities, and increasing profits for the white power structure in the process. We’re clear that it’s necessary to work with the masses to accelerate the process of winning strategic concessions in a way that actually outpaces the white power structure’s ability to transform and progress so we can win.  In order to do this, we need to keep our heads up and our eyes open - to think critically and struggle with each other in a principled manner as we formulate demands, develop strategy, and deliberate over tactics.

We are clear that it will take more than one organization, more than one tactic, more than one movement to actually achieve self determination for the disenfranchised. We have no aspiration to dictate or control this process, or to engage in what we call “imperialist organizing practices” that seek to emulate the empire by dominating the people. Our method of engagement is through contribution - not conquest, not control, not co-optation. Through consistent engagement in all 3 Arenas, and through the practice of Point of Unity organizing, we are working to build multi-national, multi-tendency, multi-generational, multi-organizational mass movements that can actually win a better world for our people and for all people.

Join us. 

Posted on December 21, 2015 .

Perfect Victimhood and White Supremacy

Under white supremacy, violence against Black people is always justified in the name of white safety. The media is trying to push a narrative that this was an out of control, "wild party" instead of a damn birthday party full of teenagers. Some white neighbors have already put up signs saying, "Thank you police for keeping us safe!" The mainstream news is reporting that a cop tackled "a bikini clad woman"...the "woman" in question is 14 years old. A CHILD. 

It's unacceptable to justify violence against Black children by painting them as older and scarier than they are. But it's no surprise. This is how the machine works. It's the same machine that's pushing a narrative in Oakland about the man OPD officers shot and killed while he was barely conscious. The machine that publishes pictures of the gun found in the man's car but no information about the officer who KILLED THE person or the detailed circumstances leading up to the moment when lethal force was employed.

This plays on all of our desire to be safe and for our communities to be safe. It's a narrative designed to get us to see police as critical to our safety and to see Black people as a threat to our safety. The simple fact in both of these cases is that police became violent when Black people refused to immediately "comply" with the demands they bark out like they're speaking to a dog. And that refusal to immediately obey ("sit! stay!") is used to justify whatever violence ensues. 

This is why respectability politics need to GO - there will never be any "perfect victims" of police brutality because the white power structure will always play on our deeply internalized racist fears to enlist us in support of the police who criminalize, cage, and kill our Black brothers and sisters. 


Posted on June 7, 2015 .