Let's be clear R. Kelly and Bill Cosby ain't shit, but the fact is they ain't never been shit. I’m gone let that sink in for just a minute.  Now if they ain't never been shit who created and unleashed these wolves on our communities to begin with? Don't worry I'll wait (in my Kat Williams voice)………the same mainstream predatory media machine that is now condemning them. We must without fail persistently address the PRIMARY PREDATORY FACTORS as a preamble to any addressing of SECONDARY PREDATORY FACTORS.

The truth about R .Kelly & Bill Cosby is these are fabricated heroes to begin with created by an apparatus of a predatory state dynamic (corporate media) but the trick is most of us focus on the clown & not the ringmasters who control it all. If our focus is not on the PRIMARY PREDATOR  there methods & their pawns we will will remain in never ending cycle of redundancy. Without a clear understanding of these factors the same sleight of hand is worked on us century after century, for decades day in and day out. We will be the victims of the tactic of the rehashing of the same negro, new nuance, same premise, different presentation. Our focus should always be those who stole and  destroyed entire cultures & kidnapped, displaced and terrorized  whole nations of people from land masses while at the same time establishing institutions that keep unleashing these same don’t give a fuck ass n***as on our communities for centuries, and up to this very moment. This is the case with our entertainers, politicians, activists & social movements, if the mainstream media/press gives it life or endorses it you should always look for the hidden dagger, without exception. (It is worth noting here that it is a worthwhile tactic to co-opt these mainstream media apparatuses on occasion but those who do must be monitored in order to prevent the weaponization of your movements, organizations, or personalities in the service of white supremacist power structures). It is deathly problematic for a people to believe the same apparatuses that have preyed upon you for years will somehow, someday now be a source of liberation or health in any form shape or fashion. We keep looking to dynamics that have never, will never, and can never support our interest, to be of some assistance to us. The inevitable result is 50 years from now we will discover the knife they have been slowly driving into our backs and we we will have another round of protest, another round of angry militants but no new systems to replace the ones who keep fucking you day in & day out. We must establish self-determination in 9 areas

  • Politics

  • Economics

  • Family

  • Health

  • Education

  • Art

  • Media

  • Traditions & Ways

  • Self Defense

 It is a far easier proposition to challenge R. Kelly than to directly & consistenly challenge the masters of rape & predatory behaviour, it is a must we address the SECONDARY PREDATORS  but we must not reproduce the same dynamic that so many of us misunderstand & misinterpreted as black on black violence in our political arenas (very willing to kill each other but afraid to throw a rock at white supremacist power structures) We must address the PRIMARY & SECONDARY PREDATORY ELEMENTS, with the knowledge that containing the first will free the lane to contain the second, because we are clear that the PRIMARY PREDATORY FACTORS & DYNAMICS create, maintain & protects the SECONDARY PREDATORY FACTORS & DYNAMICS. - F.M. TurHa Ak ,C.R.C./P.O.C.C.

Posted on December 25, 2015 .