Preamble to intercommunal criticism:

In a serious attempt to address the needs of our communities in all 9 Areas of Self Determination (Economics, Politics, Education, Health, Family, Media, Art, Traditions & Ways & Self Defense) we must have a serious conversation about Self Defense as it relates to THE SECONDARY PREDATORS in our communities. This is a complicated endeavor and requires a few clarifications first.

  • The ideal engagement is PRIMARY PROTECTOR & PROVIDER

  • Types of predators: THE PRIMARY & SECONDARY

  • The PRIMARY PREDATOR is the White Power Structures , all it’s agencies & institutions that have actively, knowingly & systematically disenfranchised our communities. Disenfranchisement is achieved through the frequent use of every form of violence & criminal behavior attributed to the alleged "criminal" element and more.

  • The SECONDARY PREDATORS are those who have been created under systems of disenfranchisement. They engage life with methods they've been taught, through the experiences of oppression. The former prey, now turned predator, subjugates the community in order to survive, or to mimic the material successes of the primary predatory. When dealing with the SECONDARY PREDATOR, it is important to remember that they exist largely due to our lack of organizing power & capabilities.

With that said let’s address SECONDARY PREDATORY dynamics in the form of religious leaders. Let’s begin by defining religion:

re·li·gion (noun)

  • The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
    "Ideas about the relationship between science and religion"

  • a particular system of faith and worship.
    Plural noun: religions
    "The world's great religions"

  • a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.
    "Consumerism is the new religion"

We acknowledge that any ideological paradigm can be organized into or practiced in a religious manner (even political). We also acknowledge that this is an important part of any self-determined, self-perpetuated enfranchisement processes, but it has been a practice of white nationalism/supremacy (PRIMARY PREDATORY DYNAMIC) to use this cultural practice as a weapon of establishment of predatory state apparatuses. It has also been a practice of white nationalism/supremacy to replicate these processes among the dominated masses, and very often this is done through the use of members of the dominated, disenfranchised groups (SECONDARY PREDATORY DYNAMICS).

In our efforts to establish self-determined nations, spaces & systems of self-sustenance. We must establish concrete criteria on how to assess whether these religious systems & leaders operate in our best interest. We label this process LIBRATORY CENTRALISM. The criteria must embody at the minimum the following criteria:

  1. A concrete process of assessment of how much wealth & resources are extracted from & on behalf of the community vs how much wealth & resources are invested into the communities these religious & political organization aim/claim to serve.

  2. Transparency on the use of all funds, resources & labor extracted from & on behalf of the communities these religious & political organizations & leaders aim/claim to serve.

  3. That the bulk of the funds, resources. & labor extracted from & on behalf of the community be invested in the material progression of the communities the religious & political organizations & leaders aim/claim to serve...

  4. A rejection of abstract explanations of community benefit. A rejection secondary or residual benefits i.e., the word of God, righteous examples, etc. These explanations must be held up to the criteria of: material community investment over individual & organizational profit.  

  5. Effective accountability mechanism based on these standards.

Without an objective criteria & effective accountability mechanisms we will always be vulnerable to poverty predators who sell us salvation & saviors in exchange for your freedom & self-determination.  These poverty predators exist based on the law of supply & demand. Predatory apparatuses manufacture despair, hopelessness, & incapability. This leaves a very lucrative area of profitability, the commodification of hope, happiness & love. We must work to cultivate the aspiration for self-determination, self-sufficiency & the capabilities to attain these in our communities because there is no need to purchase services for needs already met.

Posted on December 28, 2015 .