My brother Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. frequently states that “oppression is embarrassing”.
There are moments under white supremacy where the best and strongest of us, if we are being honest feel helpless, and deeply saddened. Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland & Mario Woods are some of those moments. 

I know all of my peoples, the warrior class, will say “Tur-Ha, I ain't never helpless. I'm gone hit them streets & fight till we win.” But if I’m being totally honest I would have to say there are moments when I feel totally helpless, weak, and unable - if only for a moment - to impact my situation.

When I listen to Mama Fannie Lou Hammer recount her torture in an Mississippi prison juxtaposed with the video of our sister Sandra Bland being torturously taken into captivity; or see graphic photos of our son Emmett Till’s bloated body juxtaposed with the visions of our baby Tamir Rice being left for 4 minutes to bleed to death on cold concrete, I feel,  if only for a moment: helpless.

When I watch our young brother, Mario Woods, pleading for mercy only to be executed in a cold-hearted exaggerated act of war, I, if only for a moment, feel helpless. When my 11 year old daughter, at the news of no indictment of Tamir Rice’s killer comes to the realization that “he was only a year older than me Baba” with the unspoken expression of “that could be me”, if only for a moment, I feel helpless. 

If only for a moment, I exist inside the helplessness (POWERLESSNESS) of our women, babies, & men; OUR PEOPLE. I feel how I can only imagine how they felt in those moments, right before they met death at the hands of the agents of this predatory machine. But that moment only serves to magnify the fire inside, the will to fight, the knowledge that there is no salvation or solutions to be found in this never has, & never will shit system.  Our only hope is to dig deep down inside & find the internal creativity, ingenuity and courage to pioneer new systems of living that rival the existing paradigm. A SELF DETERMINED EXISTENCE is the only way.-F.M. Tur-Ha Ak 

Posted on December 29, 2015 .