Solidarity in Struggle

If solidarity is to be more than an empty phrase, we must acknowledge that we will not always agree on ideology and tactics. After we come to this realization, we must work together to develop, implement and enforce a disciplined process of resolution on these points. We must understand Point of Unity organizing. We must understand that struggle is neither easy nor neat. More often than not, it is an extremely complicated endeavor. We must identify our common goals and work together with laser focus to achieve common objectives. We should not expect there to be an absence of conflicting dynamics, but embrace them with a process that will prevent these healthy and naturally occurring dynamics from becoming antagonistic. When that is unpreventable, we should strive to handle antagonism in the most disciplined manner as to maintain progress toward our shared objectives. 

- Turh-Ha Ak

#BlackPowerMatters #SolidarityMatters

Image: The New Age of Slavery by Patrick Campbell

Posted on March 19, 2015 .