Who's Holding the Whip

"Some of us don't want to end slavery we just want to hold the whip" - Old Plantation Saying

In the serious drive toward solidarity, beware of the "servants of the people/ revolutionaries/activists" who seek to build power in their particular silos & then impose these ideologies, tactics & beliefs on the people as if they are the authority on all matters revolutionary. Watch them closely. They breed antagonism, divisiveness & chaos. They will even use your solidarity coalitions to facilitate their organizational objectives at the expense of the group, a pattern we see in many imperialist-styled ideologies & organizations, but it's a tendency that we must all combat with every engagement. We identify this as the Primary & Secondary Predator dynamic. The Primary being the white power structure & the secondary being the predatory elements in our community that emulate the predatory practices of that white power structure. This tendency to dominate is rooted in one or all of the following:

- Following white supremacist methods of governing that seeks to dominate or destroy all viewpoints & tactics that don't align with theirs;

- The delusion that their organization's point of view is the most relevant, thus giving them the right to dictate 1) what is revolutionary, 2) who is leadership & 3) what best practices are & ultimately 4) all others should fall in line under their leadership.

- Organizational or individual insecurities & deficiencies that don't allow for them to engage other viewpoints & maintain a position that is healthy for their organization

- A selfish desire for power and ego satiation

- A kindergarten understanding of people's struggle which ignores objective conditions and is based on both a false sense of superiority to the people and the false assumption that an isolated, insular, group of “revolutionaries” can "overthrow" the white power structure on their own.

This results in:

• Persistent antagonism of any individuals & organizations that don't align with their imperialist-styled views. This manifests through direct aggression and/or subtle manipulations & whisper campaigns designed to get others to engage aggressively on behalf of their position.

• Isolation of the imperialistic groups due to their unwillingness to dialogue with organizations or individuals who don't share their viewpoint, & in the event that these imperialist-styled organizations & individuals reach a majority or critical mass it results in the isolation of those that don't share their viewpoint.

Be clear we are not saying that all ideologies will get us to the same place or that every way is productive, effective or capable of defeating the white supremacist power structure. And we won't disagree or even come to blows over tactics & ideologies, but we can significantly minimize & and contain this antagonism with disciplined, objective processes that work to move us past the subjective. We should attempt to study dynamics objectively to determine common goals, tactics, and ideology, before this is done.  

How do we determine who is to be the people's leadership; what is to be the peoples platform? How we will engage the people's demands without any of this disciplined engagement? Without these processes we become subjective dilettantes  looking to build our personal kingdoms; armies to fight our subjective wars that only benefit the smallest sector of the people. We must combat white supremacist domination in all it's hiding places, even in revolutionary organizing.

We are not advocating for a lack of structure or the negation of a system of accountability based on agreed upon protocols. On the contrary. We need systems that are inclusive of input from a broad spectrum of our people, even when we don't readily agree. That is a large part of struggle.   

Posted on March 31, 2015 .