Black Power Matters

Black lives have been under attack since the earliest conceptions of white empire (Greece), most certainly since day one of the establishment of the United States of America and every day since.

The State has always known the value of black lives. This is evidenced by the economic superiority enjoyed by this country that was built on the backs of slaves and the 400 years of State-sanctioned free labor they provided.


The attack on black lives is NOT accidental and is NOT rooted in unconscious latent racism. It is a very necessary aspect of white supremacist systemic domination & hegemony. 
When we have conversations about the value of black lives, it's a conversation between the disenfranchised and those in power. To the disenfranchised, "black lives matter" is an affirmation and a tool to help convene white allies in the struggle for black empowerment. But it has little worth to those who wield power.


We move in solidarity and acknowledge that ‪#‎Blacklivesmatter‬.The next logical step is to assert that ‪#‎BlackPowerMatters‬ so that we are not perpetually dependent upon on the kindness & benevolence of those who understand, yet seek to control, profit from, and determine the value of black lives.


- Tur-Ha Ak, CRC

Posted on March 5, 2015 .