On Engagement with the State

I am officially calling all "community activists" to the mat who ask us to have a dialog with white power (police agencies, elected officials etc.) without first establishing the fact that this is not a got damn two way conversation.. without establishing that the state is the initiator, primary perpetrator, creator & main facilitator of violence in our communities in every single manifestation, even so called black-on-black. If you doubt this, study the two figures who were used to usher in two of the most devastating, destabilizing chemical attacks on our community: Frank Lucas & Freeway Ricky Ross. Like Waldo I challenge you not to find the considerable state connection(s) in both phenomena that made it possible. With Frank Lucas it was the man he called "007" & the military generals & top brass that helped him obtain, import, & give safe harbour to drug shipments once in the U.S., where he was always instructed on where to pick up the drugs to distribute. In the case of Freeway Ricky Ross in came in the form of Oscar Danilo Blandón
who was a paid C.I.A. operative.

All violence in our communities is state sanctioned, created & facilitated (study the Newburg Sting).

They will have to gun me down where I stand before we allow the state to define our leadership. By staging events & leaving the leadership that is driving the conversation to happen out of the muthafuckin room.

The premise for all conversations with the state must begin with an indictment of the state. A full accounting of the state's crimes against our people (P.O.C.), & end with accountability measures. 
But the fact is we are incapable of doing so because we have no power. So what we do instead is engage in dog & pony shows that serve one of, or all of a few purposes:

1. To facilitate the illusion that the state is responding to the righteous anger, sadness & pain of the people, when it has no real intention, capability, or will to efficiently & effectively address the concerns of the people (How? when it created, perpetrated & facilitated our pain & suffering!)

2. To establish & define "acceptable leadership"
for our communities.

3. To redirect & redefine & other wise co-opt people-organized lead & sustained movements.

Beware of & challenge leadership that asks you to engage in a dialog with agencies that have a systematic purpose & function to maintain state hegemony, & to present the dialog in a way that states the problem is mutual i.e. "we can only progress when there is two-way dialogue; where the community learns to understand the cops & the cops learn to understand the community. This is a naive understanding of the relationship between state agencies & disenfranchised people at best, or a repulsive attempt to confuse the issue.

If we are not having a discussion about the establishment of BLACK & P.O.C. power, then shut the fuck up & get the fuck off the stage.

We must establish power in all 9 Areas of engagement:



- Tur-Ha Ak, CRC

Posted on March 5, 2015 .