On the topic of Intercommunal violence vs state sanctioned violence there is a persistent effort to create a conceptual competition between fighting police terrorism & combating the predatory behavior of those in our own communities, our belief is there are 2 predatory factors we must address the:


The PRIMARY PREDATORS  are the forces who's predatory engagement goes back as far as the Africkan slave trade (for the sake of the point we will start there but it greatly predates this period) & all it's tentacles. These forces have actively, knowingly & systematically disenfranchised our communities, through the frequent use of every form of violence & criminal behavior atributed
to the "criminal" element that is persistently referenced in our communities.

Then there is the SECONDARY PREDATOR, these are those who have been created under systems of disenfranchisement, they attempt to engage in the ways they have been taught by the forces of  disenfranchisement, they prey on the community most often in attempts to survive or mimic the material successes of the primary predator.

Although both predator types are detrimental to our communities & must be addressed differently, we must make some very important & clear distinctions between the two & in fact if the primary predatory conditions are eliminated
the secondary will follow 

1. The primary predatory behavior is the catalysts & often the direct propogator of the secondary predator

2. The steps to addressing the two types of predators are very different. 
• The primary predator is highly organized with a clear structural process that can be addressed so it is logical that outrage, & concern will be expressed differently ( marches, protest, rebellion, etc.) it is a much more clear cut process 
• But because the expressions of the secondary predatory behavior is far more complex & nuanced it requires a different engagement, this form of predatory behavior can only be addressed adequately in the absence of the primary & is far harder to petition, rebel against & combat, although it must be said there are scores of organizations & individuals who historically have & are attempting to & because the 2nd is a result of the first, it is a fact that as long as the primary conditions exist the secondary will alway exist.
It is a historical fact that there have been notable community leaders & organizations who have stood up to address our conditions on the whole but because their approach was not in compliance with the primary predator's agenda they were assassinated, discredited, infiltrated, disrupted & destroyed

Huey Newton-
"Power is the ability to define phenomena, and make it act in a desired manner. "

Posted on April 12, 2015 .