Secondary Predators

In a serious attempt to address the needs of our communities in all 9 areas of Self Determination (Economics, Politics, Education, Health, Family, Media, Art, Traditions & Ways, Self Defense) we must have a serious conversation about Self Defense as it relates to THE SECONDARY PREDATORS in our communities. This is a complicated endeavor & requires a few clarifications first.

The ideal engagement is PRIMARY PROTECTOR & PROVIDER.

Types of predator:

The PRIMARY PREDATOR is White Power Structures & all agencies & institutions that have actively, knowingly & systematically disenfranchised our communities. Disenfranchisement is achieved through the frequent use of every form of violence & criminal behavior attributed to the alleged "criminal" element and more.

Then there are SECONDARY PREDATORS, or those who have been created under systems of disenfranchisement. They engage life how they've been taught; through the experiences of oppression. The former prey, now turned predator, subjugates the community in order to survive, or to mimic the material successes of the primary predatory. When dealing with the SECONDARY PREDATOR, it is important to remember that they exist largely due to our lack of organizing power & capabilities.

Now that we have clarified the hierarchy of predatory engagement, let's focus on the necessity of containing & controlling THE SECONDARY PREDATOR. This individual is created by conditions designed by the Primary.

We are not classifying all so called "criminal" behavior" as predatory. We are well aware & acknowledge that there are significant amounts of activity that could be classified "criminal" that are vital to our survival in disenfranchised communities but we must be honest & acknowledge that criminal culture is an intentional creation of the state. These forces are used to facilitate the White Power Structure's agenda for disenfranchised communities. Until THE PRIMARY PREDATOR dynamic is done away with, we will never be able to erase the threat posed by THE SECONDARY PREDATOR.

It is critical that we control the engagement of THE SECONDARY PREDATOR. Some suggestions on this are:

• Working to create effectiveness in all 9 areas ( Economics, Politics, Education, Family, Health, Media, Art, Traditions & Ways, & Self Defense )
• Immersion programs that provide structure for our most disenfranchised youth while cultivating a PRIMARY PROTECTOR & PROVIDER perspective.
• Political & cultural education in an attempt to elevate the PRIMARY PROTECTOR & PROVIDER perspective over the PREDATOR
• Codes of conduct that the THE PRIMARY PROTECTORS are willing to enforce
• Liberated zones where no predatory behaviour is tolerated

The primary predator will use the secondary to neutralize movements.  We must remember that many that can be classified as a SECONDARY PREDATORS are aspiring PRIMARY PREDATORS.  They must be dealt with accordingly; in a spirit of love & accountability. We can't forget these are our people, but as mothers, fathers, brothers & sisters, we must set & enforce standards that protect the most vulnerable of us.

Because we understand how THE PRIMARY PREDATOR operates, this is an not an admission of, nor endorsement for, the use of violence in our communities.  We are advocates of self defense & believe in what Dr. John Henrik Clarke calls the "essential selfishness of survival".

Posted on April 6, 2015 .