By now, most of us have seen the video of the murder of Walter Scott by Officer Michael T. Slager.


For those of us who have been saying that police murder Black men, women and youth in cold blood; who have been saying that police lie; who have been saying that police will use their unquestioned power to plant evidence on innocent people...there is so much to say that at this moment it is difficult to say anything at all.


But we have a responsibility to use this moment to expose the way that the Primary Predator operates.


The Primary Predator - the White Imperialist Power Structure - will do everything in its power to prevent the indictment of the system itself. The institutions and actors who are ruled by the logic of white supremacy, and invested in defending the entire system from being attacked, have made a calculated decision in this case. We can clearly see how they are perfectly willing to throw this individual officer under the bus in order to create the perception that this kind of police violence is simply a case of isolated incidents and individual “bad apples.”


Liberals, who are invested in tweaking the system and not transforming it, will take the murder charge of this officer as an opportunity to claim that progress has been made; that the system has seen the error of its ways and come around to “doing the right thing.” It is absolutely imperative that Leftists, Revolutionaries, Radicals, & anyone focused on true self determination reject and expose this fallacy. We must highlight what the system of policing is: the paramilitary force that maintains white supremacy, prioritizes the protection of white wealth over Black lives, and enforces the demands and the dictates of the white power structure.


Our objective is not to put every police officer who has ever hurt someone in prison. Our prime objective is to create a shift in power that will make the police violence and abuse that has characterized what it means to be Black in America a social impossibility.


HEADS UP, EYES OPEN! The indictment of this officer is not a sign that the system has changed for the better. Charging this officer with murder is a propagandistic move that has been strategically calculated and swiftly implemented in order to prevent an indictment of the system itself.


Be very clear that it is:

We the People who have forced the State into this defensive position. This system is being forced to react to the conditions that WE have created.

WE have raised the consciousness of the masses to the point that bystanders are compelled to film police officers at work in case of violence.

WE have shut down entire cities.

WE made our position clear. There will be no business as usual while police kill us with impunity.

WE have proved our collective capacity to fight back by shutting down freeways, transportation systems, malls, and police stations.

WE are building social power; people power.

And the State is reacting to that.


The State will use the murder charge of Officer Slager to attempt to pacify us. “Don’t worry, we charged the officer with murder. There is no need to worry or resist. There is no need to pour out into the streets by the thousands.” Do not be pacified. The charge itself does not reflect a shift in the white power structure’s perspective. The pending trial could be a complete sham, like every other lynching trial in history of this country. It does, however, reveal that pressure from the people is being applied correctly and there is great concern about the power we are building.


In this police state, where our lives are so marked by state violence, we can hope for two outcomes: Relief or Power. Yet Relief is not Power. We need to analyze the transformational nature of white supremacy; it will take whatever form that allows it to exist. The white power structure ended Jim Crow apartheid but swiftly adapted to maintain its power and subjugate Black people through political repression, criminalization, disenfranchisement, and chemical warfare (via flooding our neighborhoods with drugs).


The premise on which we fight makes all the difference. The struggle for relief measures is important and can strengthen our ability to progress resistance movements, but we must fight for power not reform. We must resist the State’s attempts to frame these terrorist acts as  aberrations or breakdowns of an otherwise good institution. These incidents expose the fact that this system is operating as it was designed.  We have received concessions we believed was power only to come to the realization that the white power system had only refined its practices to become more efficient, potent, harder to identify and thus harder to target and defeat. Power and Self Determination are our only options.  


Posted on April 14, 2015 .