Perfect Victimhood and White Supremacy

Under white supremacy, violence against Black people is always justified in the name of white safety. The media is trying to push a narrative that this was an out of control, "wild party" instead of a damn birthday party full of teenagers. Some white neighbors have already put up signs saying, "Thank you police for keeping us safe!" The mainstream news is reporting that a cop tackled "a bikini clad woman"...the "woman" in question is 14 years old. A CHILD. 

It's unacceptable to justify violence against Black children by painting them as older and scarier than they are. But it's no surprise. This is how the machine works. It's the same machine that's pushing a narrative in Oakland about the man OPD officers shot and killed while he was barely conscious. The machine that publishes pictures of the gun found in the man's car but no information about the officer who KILLED THE person or the detailed circumstances leading up to the moment when lethal force was employed.

This plays on all of our desire to be safe and for our communities to be safe. It's a narrative designed to get us to see police as critical to our safety and to see Black people as a threat to our safety. The simple fact in both of these cases is that police became violent when Black people refused to immediately "comply" with the demands they bark out like they're speaking to a dog. And that refusal to immediately obey ("sit! stay!") is used to justify whatever violence ensues. 

This is why respectability politics need to GO - there will never be any "perfect victims" of police brutality because the white power structure will always play on our deeply internalized racist fears to enlist us in support of the police who criminalize, cage, and kill our Black brothers and sisters. 


Posted on June 7, 2015 .