The plight of the powerless is to consistently rely on the goodwill of those in power. The first step in building true self-determined power is to come to terms with the fact that we are beggars at someone elses table. We must first admit that our collective well-being and pain is reliant on someone else's political, strategic disposition and will. Be clear, I am not proposing to have every answer worked out, that is left to the people to determine based on their particular political circumstances. What I am clear on is that our relationship with the American predatory state is very much like that of a vicious, cunningly-munipulative abuser. We have suffered the most horrific traumatic violence imaginable at the hands of this state, but then they change faces and say, "that was the old me..I have changed, I promise I will never hurt you again."

Now when those that truly care about your well-being step up and say "leave" or give advice to get away, the abused often shut out these loved ones. At times, they will even DEFEND the abuser.

It is essential for the abuser to convince the abused that they have no worth other than that assigned by the abuser; no power to impact there own lives. This is the nature of our relationship with the American predatory state. They kick us in the teeth (Smash & Grab), AND pick us dust us off, say sorry, and promise to never do it again (Smooth & Soothe).

Because our esteem has been destroyed, we have no concept of self-determined, strategic engagement. In an attempt to defend integration and capitulation strategies, the question that is often posed is: "If begging, aggressive, or otherwise is not the answer what is?" So let me answer with this:

  1. We must collectively acknowledge that the only solution to dealing with a predatory force is self-determined, strategic engagement.

  2. We must stop asking for cookie cutter solutions from individuals, organizations, or state agencies. (This is one of the ramifications of generations of conditioning that tells us we are powerless.)

  3. We must understand that this system is unreformable. It only shuffles its predatory practices and policies. Based on this reality, we must shift our frame from reform to relief, understanding that the best possible outcome we can expect when dealing with predatory systems is temporary relief.

In our effort to create survival systems pending self-determination, 

  1. We must operate from the premise that any concession given is a temporary retreat. It will ultimately be followed by an all-out assault to take back what was given, and then some.

  2. We must shift our perspective and look at every engagement with predatory, white supremacist systems as an opportunity for extraction. In other words, we can use existing structures as resource depots to be excavated in service of independent movements. This must not be a rhetorical position taken in order to conceal intergration strategies. It must be held to the concrete criteria of maximum people's benefit & minimum predatory impact.

  3. We must devise tactics and strategies that are built on the premise that we must get free, not be set free, that we are seeking power not appeasement.


Morehouse College President: We Got Played

There is an old African proverb that has been passed down from the ancestors through generations of black people that goes like this: “Never trust anyone who lets people put their feet on the couch.”


Posted on March 3, 2017 .