The 5 Methods of

Divestment & Weaponization

of White Power & Privilege 

In this historical moment, there are many white people who say they want to participate in the struggle for Black liberation. Due to the persistent nature of white domination, even in explicitly anti-racist political spaces, (we call this phenomenon the persistent reestablishment of white supremacy), it is our belief that in order for white activists to become real assets to Black liberation movements who are struggling for self determination, they must practice the Divestment & Weaponization of White Privilege & Power. This means that the white comrades who are useful to the Black struggle are the ones who harness and weaponize all of their power - skills, education, resources, money, relationships - and gives away that power in the service of Black liberation. Divestment is a strategy by which, in exchange for letting go of their ability to dominate and control, white activists gain access to something much more valuable: a functional place in the revolutionary struggle.


1. EDUCATION - build anti-racist consciousness among white people

From birth, white people in this country have received mis-education designed to indoctrinate them into white supremacy. They need to educate ourselves and each other about how white supremacy operates both currently and historically. 


2. ORGANIZATION - build relationships inside the white community that are capable of collective action to support Black liberation struggles

The job of white anti-racists is not to withdraw from the white community, but to organize it to dismantle white supremacy from the ground up. 


3. CONTRIBUTION - make strategic contributions to Black-led campaigns, organizations, and movements.

Seek to meet unmet needs and help solve problems, without centering white contributors in a way that creates a kind of dependency. Your contributions do not entitle to you to control of our campaigns, organizations or movements. 


4. INTERVENTION - take responsibility for preventing white people from harming Black communities

Calling In - “Call in” well-intentioned white folks to become more cognizant of white privilege and work to reflect anti-racist analysis in their actions, speech, and use of power/resources.

Calling Out - “Call out” white folks who are clearly invested in maintaining and enforcing white supremacy through their actions, speech, and use of power/resources; use various political tactics to isolate, neutralize, and/or defeat these forces.


5. DIVESTMENT - redistribute/return stolen wealth, land & resources

In recognition of the fact that all white wealth is stolen wealth, allies & accomplices should make reparations work a central part of their political practice, and organize other white folks to make reparations in addition to making personal contributions.

Reparations may be made in the form of:

  • Direct contributions of money and other resources

  • Fundraising work

  • Any work that frees up POC leadership and community members to focus their organizing - child care, cleaning/maintenance of facilities, logistics for actions, security, administrative tasks, etc.

In a reparations framework, white allies & accomplices need to be willing to be the last to take credit and get paid for political work. They need to give more than they take instead of using the Black liberation struggle as yet another source of social, political and moral capital. 

Join/Establish a CRC(A) Reparations Circle 

CRC (Allies & Accomplices) has developed a curriculum to help white Americans understand "What We Have & Why We Have It." We are offering to facilitate white people through this curriculum to develop collective reparations practices that will shift resources in support of Black liberation and self determination. 

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