CRC is a liberation organization that combats white supremacy and actively builds & supports self determination in 9 specific areas. 

Oakland, CA. 

Announcing Black Solidarity Week, February 17-23, 2019


Our communities have been robbed of the benefits of effective functional solidarity, either through external attacks, predatory design, or internal disputes that have been manufactured or manipulated. We are obligated to ask the question: what are the forces & factors that keep us from getting to functional & effective solidarity? Operating on the wisdom that we win or lose, one generation at a time, the Community READY Corps calls for a week of Black Solidarity beginning on February 17th running through February 23rd. The time is now. We must set the example for the generations of doers, thinkers, teachers and leaders that come behind us. 


The Community READY Corps operates in 9 Areas of Self-Determination and Components of Culture: Politics, Economics, Family, Health, Education, Art, Media, Traditions & Ways, Self Defense. We ask that events, programming, and materials developed for this week be identified with one of the 9 Areas and promoted with this guiding language: "This is a Black Solidarity Week (Select appropriate 9 Area) Event." (Example: Surviving Smash & Grab: A Black Solidarity Week Self Defense Event). You can add your event to our calendar by filling out an event form here.